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Nahko and Medicine for the People

Some people go a lifetime without knowing their mission in life, without feeling they have true calling, and without knowing why they even do what they do. Nahko is not one of them.

My call is to put action to the words that I speak and the lyrics I sing. Not just to talk, but to do," says Oregon-born singer/songwriter Nahko, who is of Puerto Rican, Native American (Apache), and Filipino descent. "This is the soundtrack of the movement for a better planet," he continues. "I want to challenge myself and others to make a change."

Nahko and Medicine for the People gathered more members of their global tribe of like-minded fans as they spread their powerful and impactful musical message on tour with such acts as Michael Franti, Xavier Rudd, SOJA, and Trevor Hall, and on festivals including Outside Lands, Electric Forest, Wanderlust, Bumbershoot, California Roots Music Festival, Byron Bay Blues & Roots Festival, and many more.

Nahko, an Oregon-native born a mix of Puerto Rican, Native American, and Filipino bloodlines considers himself a citizen in service to the planet. Disillusioned by the world around him and inspired by vagabond, Americana musicians and storytellers like Conor Oberst and Bob Dylan, Nahko left home as a teenager in search of adventure and self discovery. Armed with stories, a guitar, and a fierce set of ideals, he set out to bridge the cultural gaps dividing his own psyche. He began producing a public, musical journal of his journey toward personal, spiritual, and social healing, and thus Medicine for the People was born. Recently, Nahko discussed his successes, his philosophies, his music, and his life with Huffington Post, who called Nahko's music "beautiful and stirring." Nahko describes his music as a mix of hip-hop and folk rock with a world message.

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Pua Case

Pua Case

Pualani Case, born and raised on the Island of Hawai’i surrounded by the high mountains of Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Hualalai and Kohala, the fresh waters of Kohakohau and Waikoloa and the plains of Waimea. Pua’s life path and purpose has led her to become a Kumu Hula, a teacher of traditional dance and chant, and a teacher of the ways, culture and traditions of the kanaka maoli or native peoples of Hawai’i. With a degree in Hawaiian Language and culture, and a teaching degree in Social Studies, interwoven with the traditional teachings, philosophies and expectations from her kupuna or elders, Pua has integrated ‘Ike Hawai’i or Hawaiian knowledge and lessons into the public school system for over 30 years.

Pua and her ‘ohana, her family are active as spiritual and cultural leaders in and beyond their community. They are an integral part of the protocol and ceremonies for Na Kalaiwa’a, Moku o Keawe Makali’i Voyaging Canoe, as well as for Hokule’a and other Pacific Island Voyages. Pua sits on various educational and cultural boards including the Waimea Hawaiian Civic Club, Waimea Schools’ and Community Education Hui, and the Mauna Kea Education and Awareness Hui. Pua and her family are petitioners in the Contested Case hearing filed on behalf of Mauna Kea Mountain, a representative of the Mauna Kea ‘Ohana Na Kia’I Mauna and has created Idle No More Hawai’i, Warriors Rising and Idle No More Mauna Kea to address the issues and challenges facing the sacred places and sacred ways of the people of Hawai’i from the heavens to the earth, the mountains to the sea. Me ke aloha.

Pua will be leading our opening and closing ceremonies for the festival!


Paula Fuga

Praised for her originality in song composition and ability to stir the deepest emotions with spellbinding and soulful vocals, Paula Fuga has established herself as one of Hawai’i’s most respected live performers.

At an early age, she faced the vulnerabilities of living homeless on the beach, seeing the destruction of drugs and violence. Despite having overcome such adversity quite successfully, she is living her career with much gratitude and humility. Fuga relentlessly strives to inspire youth across the world, sharing her story of perseverance and hope. She makes countless efforts to participate in various community projects focusing on protecting the environment and spreading the fundamental values of her native Hawaiian culture. Fuga is an artist on a mission and music is her vehicle.

Since the release of her latest recording, the EP “Misery’s End,” which featured guest appearances by Ziggy Marley and Jack Johnson, she has headlined the Alma Surf Festival in Sao Paolo, Brazil, performed with Jack at Madison Square Garden and the Sydney Opera House Forecourt. She was featured on the song “Love Will Find a Way” with Nahko Bear and Trevor Hall for the album of her life long collaborator and guitarist, the musical genius Mike Love. She was honored to be a part of the 52nd Annual Merrie Monarch Hula Festival, performing alongside the Hawaiian cultural icon, Kaumakaiwa Kanakaole for the winning group, Hula Halau O Kamuela. She is among distinguished artists honored to perform for the President, having been invited for the 3rd time to the White House in Washington, DC.

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Embracing the future without losing sight of the past, OKA draws upon their indigenous connection to place and country to create their signature feel good Australian earth sound, an irresistible blend of influences spanning house, big beat, reggae-dub, Roots, Jazz and world music.

A mashup of dance & downtempo electro beats marinated in the mystic spiritual traditions of the Dreamtime.Born from a relaxed street jam over 15 years ago, they continue to bring the joy, fluidity and simplicity of their positive music to a much larger, growing audience on a global stage. Independently selling over 160,000 albums, they have shared the stage alongside inspirational acts Arrested Development, Finnley Quay, Xavier Rudd, Dehli to Dublin, Kinnie Starr, Digging Roots to name a few.

While sharing the the bill with the likes of Kiss, Santana, Sting, Burning Spear, Yothu Yindi, Beats Antiques, Fat Freddys Drop and The Wailers. OKA have thrieved at festivals throughout Australia, Asia & Nth America including Montreal Jazz (CAN), Winnipeg Folk (CAN), Green Room Festival (JAP), Earthdance & Joshua Tree (CA), Fusion Festival (GERMANY) Bali Spirit (INDO) & Woodford Folk Festival, Rainbow Serpent, Splendour in the Grass (AUS) Sydney Opera House (AUS). In these arenas OKA has sent unsuspecting crowds into hypnotic frenzies, gaining them a strong reputation for their festival highlight standout performances.At the creative heart of the music is Stu Boga Fergie (aka DidgeriSTU) who connects you to earth with the deep subsonic pulse and resonance of his Yidaki (didgeridoo). He is the big man behind the electronic beats, keys & vocals inspired by his aboriginal heritage.

The OKA Collective includes captivating melody on guitar, sax, flute & woodwinds woven through organic juju beats of deep tribal fire. A sound & force that touches the heart & feeds the soul.


Leche de Dan & Michaeloha

Leche de Dan & Michaeloha bring the cross-genre "Latin Gypsy Funk" to life with multi-instumental looping methods inspired by the original sounds of their group Leche de Tigre, rooted on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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Tubby Love and Amber Lily

From the garden to the globe, Tubby Love is gathering the tribe. Born David Andrew Terrett, Tubby's physical, spiritual, and musical transformation has been a testimony to the power of human evolution. Music has been the catalyst for deepening his connection to life and also a bridge for sharing his journey with others. Calling the island of Kauai home has set forth a Roots Family movement involving regenerative land and energy practices connecting communities inter-island and worldwide. Tubby and his partner Amber Lily have been blessed to create a soundtrack for this movement alongside artists like Medicine For The People, Dustin Thomas, Wookiefoot, Trevor Hall, Mike Love, Nattali Rize, Paul Izak, Rising Appalachia, Cas Haley, as well as other artists with a similar message. In a time of much needed change, Tubby Love is unifying the people through music and addressing real issues to inspire solutions.

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Hāwane Rios

I come from the small country town of Waimea on Hawai'i Island, nestled in the protection of the majestic and sacred Mauna Kea. My roots stretch from the rolling hills of Kohala to the sandy beaches of 'Ānaeho'omalu. My connection to the Earth Mother is deep and true for my family, Pua Case and Kalani Flores have raised my sister Kapulei and I to know that the Earth is as much a part of us as we are a part of it. The beautiful power of the elements has served as inspiration for my musical compositions strengthening my connection and respect for this land as I continue to sing my praises for this world. The gentle breeze that touches my skin to the comforting feeling of the seas embrace captures my heart and inspires me to honor them with song. I have learned that music sends out a kind of healing vibration that holds the power of change in its core. It is never ending and travels onward touching souls one chord at a time. My hope is to write and lift my voice in honor of those who came before, those who live now, and those who are yet to come.


Paul Izak

Paul Izak’s unique style of music can best be described as a blend of Folk/Blues/Rock and Reggae. Born and raised on the island of Oahu, Paul has a deep rooted connection and love for the Hawaiian Islands and you can hear it in his music. His passion for gardening/farming and yoga are integrated into his musical message to inspire a healthy and conscious lifestyle. He loves collaboration, spontaneous jamming and music with a message of awareness and positive forward progression. Paul is also the founder of the organization Yogarden based on the Island of Oahu. Yogarden has a farm in Waimanalo, and in collaboration with Green Rows Farm they offer Farm to table dinners and live music yoga classes.

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Hualalai Keohuloa

Born in Moloka'i, raised on the island of Hawai'i, Hualalai Keaweoluna Keohuloa has dedicated his musical passion from his mother, Lynda Bertelmann, to bring universal awareness to our communities. His uncles sailed upon Hokule'as maiden voyage to Tahiti. Building the voyaging canoe, Makalii his Ohana continues to preserve the Hawaiian culture through the wa'a (canoe). Combining his music, his culture along with his 5 Keiki and Mana Wahine, Alohilani, Hualalai has found ways to protect, preserve and share our Hawaiian culture. Recently arrested for the protection of our Sacred Maunawakea, Hualalai humbly continues his quest as a Kia'i or guardian for all that he holds sacred. From his music to building canoes for the community, to standing Pa'a against negative impacts to our ʻAina and people, Hualalai has come to share his gifts with the community at large.

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Fara Tolno and Lavaroots Performing Arts

Tolno was born in Guinea, West Africa. He spent his youth in the village of Kissidugu and Guinea’s capital city, Conakry. Playing djembe since the age of nine, he has traveled extensively performing and teaching both drumming and dance. Fara spent nine years as the lead drummer for Les Merveilles de Guinea (The Wonders of Guinea) under the tutelage of West Africa’s most influential director and choreographer, Kemoko Sano. Fara is a keeper of the history, the music, and the dance in his culture. He holds a vision to build a school of Music, Dance and Education in his home of Guinea, West Africa.

Fara has performed with many of the world’s premier musicians including Mamady Keita, Burning Spear, Neil Young, Sekouba Bambino, Otis Taylor, Joe Cocker, Youssou N’Dour, Salif Keita Habibe Koite, B.B. King, Oumou Sangare, and many more…

Fara’s performance style has been described as mystical as he dazzles audiences around the world. As the director of Kissidugu, he has expanded his depth of knowledge to the realm of musical arrangement and choreography. Fara has a magical way of teaching everything from the basics to the beautiful intricacies of West African percussion to Western players of all levels and ages. His energetic and compassionate teaching style make him one of the most sought after drum and dance instructors in the United States.

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Kaahele is a Hawaiian word for “Journey” and the musical name of Kelly Hyde. Her lyrics are clever, uplifting, and comical, bringing awareness and at the same time making light of the human situation. Her music covers an array of folk, reggae, bluegrass, and her own special flavor. Kaahele speaks to the separation between the modern and natural world. She represents nomadic culture, holding respect for native people, and reaching out to those who could use a fresh point of view. Her songs are full of food for thought, and her melodies are soothing and creative. Listeners may feel inclined to laugh or be brought to tears.

Kelly’s musical studies started with trumpet from 4th to 10th grade, leading to guitar. She mostly learned to play by ear. in A spark in 2009 lead her to start traveling landed her on the Big Island of Hawaii. Here she found the Baritone Ukulele and a unique, free environment that allowed words and melodies to come alive and flow effortlessly. After releasing her first album Incredible Journey in February 2014, Kaahele seeks to share her music with the masses.

Kelly grew up in a small town in New York State named Callicoon on the beautiful Delaware river. Exposed to many genres at a young age, Kelly’s parents were music lovers. Her father, known as Grateful Ted, is a performing musician to this day. Paul Simon, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Talking heads, and Peter Tosh were often in the background during her youth. Kelly learned to operate the turn tables and listen to records in her free time at a young age. Her first memory is bobbing up and down on the floor of the kitchen to Simon and Garfunkel’s “Cecilia.” Often performing as a solo artist, Kaahele is occasionally accompanied by the cajon, and bass guitar. When on the Big Island she can be found playing with the band “Kaahele and the Isness”, based out of Hawi. During tours in the States, she is often accompanied by pianist, and overall well rounded musician Stephen Faubel, who also brings drums, guitar and harmonies to the stage, as well as bassist Sean Murray. She has opened up for artists such as Medicine for the People, Tubby Love, Dustin Thomas, SaraTone, Pato Banton , and Chris Barren and the Time Bandits.

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Llosh & Found

Llosh & Found is a new and upcoming group of musicians local to the Big Island of Hawaii. Lead singer/songwriter Llosh Winnie, has been performing music since 2006 dating back to days in Seattle. He has recently added the talents of Austin Riegh Hall (Bass), Virgil Zeidman (Cajon, Ukulele, Vocals), and Maylan Ackerman (Vocals, Guitar, Keys).

They are also excited to be featuring the talents of Kaahele, a Big Island-based solo artist providing Vocal Harmonies and the sounds of the Baritone Ukulele.

Llosh & Found is a blend of Soul/Rock and Roots music. All the songs they perform are original with the intention to touch the hearts, minds and souls of their audience.

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The Uprising Movement

The Uprising movements call to action is one to inspire. With a unique sound influenced by elements of hip hop, folk and reggae combined with powerful lyricism. And shows that blend an almost seamless improvisational element. This new band is quickly growing a grassroots following.

"Music has the power to heal and transform. We are honored to serve as messengers and understand the responsibility of being on this platform. Our purpose is to uplift, inspire, educate and unify our youth and all people towards positive growth and real change."

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Jeffrey James Show

Jeffrey James has been writing music for fourteen years. James launched "The Jeffrey James Show" in May, 2013, followed by his debut release Home Again (2013). The Jeffrey James Show creates upbeat, inspiring folk music. One can hear influences of the Hawaiian Island vibes mixed with the spiritual power of Bob Marley & Trevor Hall, with an overall current of soothing, relaxing melodies similar to Jack Johnson. James has earned his stripes as a road warrior completing six national tours in a year and a half. James has performed over 150 shows since January 2015 including the most recent Give Back Tour. Highlights include performing at two sold out festivals (Project Earth, Shangri-LA) as well as The Telluride Mushroom Festival (Telluride, CO) and Flow Festival 2016 (Kalapana, HI). In 2017, James will embark on a Give Back World Tour spreading his musical medicine. ‘Give Back’ is The Jeffrey James Show’s first album with a full band and features world renowned Tim Snider on Violin, Cello, Guitar, and Percussion. ‘Give Back’ also features current members of Medicine for the People and officially released on May 1st, 2016.

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Kaila Weaver

Kaila Weaver was raised in small Northwestern towns and from a young age has dug deeply to bring up the roots of forgotten cultures. When she was 14 and living in a suburban neighborhood, music came as a way to nurture the natural mystic and cultivate freedom in a world searching for the soul. From the melodic finger-picking, to folk, to funky-reggae style rhythm, Kaila Weaver's colorful guitar playing and deeply resonate vocals serve as a universal bridge for lyrics of unity and connection for the collective unveiling of the spirit that moves through us all. Passionate and expansive performances gathers and connects listeners of all generations and walks of life. From the stage, the street, to the garden Kaila is on a mission to gather community and weave through the worlds of all races, cultures, and beliefs through sharing visionary music focused on the simple solution of loving ourselves, honoring each other, and the earth. Kaila touches the hearts of people and cultivates family and fans wherever she goes.

Kaila has shared the stage with artists such as Desert Dwellers, Kaminanda, Trevor Hall, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Wookiefoot, Chris Berry, Tubby Love and One Tribe movement, Sol Seed, Mikey Pauker, Heartifact, Peia , Shea Freedom, and other beautiful musicians on stages such as Project Earth Festival, Shangri-La festival, Portal Music Festival, Optymystic Festival, Unify Festival, Duff's Garage, Madre Chocolate, YoGarden Events,The Top Hat Lounge, Elixart, Nevada City Ecstatic Dance, Oakland Ecstatic Dance, Honolulu KTOH radio, University of Montana Radio, The Trail 103.3 Radio, Kailua Farmers Market, People's Co-op farmers market, Portland Saturday Market, Missoula Childrens Theatre and more.

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Faye Adinda

Faye Adinda is a soulful singer/songwriter, creating and performing songs straight from the heart. Her music vocalizes a personal journey of finding love and healing. You will find yourself easily inspired and enchanted by her catchy empowering lyrics, upbeat rhythms and melodic vocals. Faye recognizes the healing properties music, sounds and vibrations have on all physical, mental and spiritual levels. Singing and playing music has always been a crucial part of her life and has helped to overcome many challenges. Her dream is that her songs will also contribute to your spiritual peace and happiness.


Off the Grid

The meat n potato's of Off The Grid is Tiana Malone Jennings and Erik Avery accompanied by a large interchanging musical ohana in including Hawk Devi on Violin, and Gene Tamashiro on hand drums. Jamming together for about 5 years, they sing and talk story about living off grid, keeping a high vibration, and playing music in ancient frequencies of DNA repair. Recently they won a Big Island Music Award for best EP, and open for Jeff Peterson at the Mauli Ola Festival.

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Cosmic Serenity

We are Two fellow luminous beings who uprooted from Galveston, Texas riding the wave of musical medicine. With a side note of comedy, and eccentric yet eclectic style of fashion, and a folky sound and gypsy vibe that amps up a crowd and keeps you moving your head, tapping your feet... or just get up and lay the boogie down! We have had the honor to perform at festivals such as Bob Fest(Tx), Arise Festival(Co), Project Earth(Mn), Shangri La(Mn), and Flow Fest(Hi). The vision behind this project is to spread spiritual healing and awareness worldwide. We all know change is needed in this world drastically, but we cant change until we all realize our potential in each and every one of us. We know that, together, we are all the change!

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Mikey Fiyah

Mikey Fiyah

Born Michael James Hooser Jr on the the Big Island of Hawaii, Mikey Fiyah "The Messenjah" is a long time veteran of the live music scene. With soulful delivery to the conscious lyrical content of his original music "The Messenjah" truly delivers!



Ydine is a soulful songstress based out of Hawaii. She performs throughout the islands as a solo artist and with her band AnOtherEvolution, an ever-evolving ensemble of local musicians. The beautiful compilation of a Cuban mother and Norwegian father, Ydine has cultivated a uniquely diverse musical style that cannot be defined by any particular genre. Her family origins and experiences thus far, such as sailing extensively throughout the South Pacific, traveling abroad, and living on farms throughout Hawaii, have heavily influenced all aspects of her music. Her lyrical poetry calls upon humanity to reach its fullest potential: to preserve our delicate ecosystems for future generations, to cultivate empathy and hold space in our hearts for those around us, and to go through this life fostering inquisitive and inspiring minds.

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To practice and teach ecologically conscious agriculture, empowering individuals and communities to cultivate alternative systems of living that restore human and environmental health.

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