June 5 - 10th, 2017

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Aloha from North Kohala, Hawaii island!

Join us for a rejuvenating tropical farm retreat for 6 beautiful days and magical nights in Hawaii, immersed in a conscious agriculture lifestyle. Stay at our working farm campus where we are blessed with an abundance of fresh food, fertile land, and a vibrant community. Find out why people are returning to the land for transformative experiences of learning, growing, and healing on Hawaii’s Big Island.

This immersive course includes a variety of hands-on learning and adventures:

3 meals per day utilizing 100% organic and many locally grown ingredients straight from our the farm

6 Hands on Workshops on topics including gardening, permaculture, nutrition, Hawaiian culture and cooking

2 Perma-blitz activities growing food sovereignty in the region

Daily yoga class

2 Beach trips (surfing, body boarding, and snorkeling possible)

Waterfall Excursion

Film Night

Council & Talking Circle around campfire

Raw Cacao Ceremony

Hawaiian ʻAwa Ceremony

Full moon dance party

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Get back to the land with these hands-on workshops presented throughout the course!

Conscious Agriculture:

State of the world, states of mind, how to walk in presence, art of listening, the power of council, how to live in community, how to lead, activation and empowerment.

Permaculture 101:

Principles & ethics, values, history & lineage, permaculture mind-state. observation, zones & sectors, energy flows, permanent agriculture.

Bio-intensive Gardening and Soil Fertility:

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How to build a garden bed, how to make soil mix, seeding in the nursery, propagating plants, transplanting into the garden. How to create fertility for your farm or garden, compost building, vermi-composts, compost tea, biochar.

Beekeeping 101:

Colony Collapse Disorder and how you can help the bees, how to bee a bee guardian, how to start a hive, how to care for the bees, harvesting honey.

Food Forest:

How forest farming can save the world! 7 layers of food forrest, design and implementation.

Plant Medicine and Medicinal Mushrooms:

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How to identify and utilize wild foods and herbs, making decoctions, teas, and tinctures, basic Auryvedic healing principles, and living a life of balance.

General Daily Schedule:

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6:30 - 7 am Coffee/Tea Time

7:00 am Morning Yoga Class

8:00 am Farm Fresh Breakfast

9:00 am Circle-Up/Check-in

9:15 Class

10:00 am Fruit Snack

10:15 Field Project

12:30 pm Lunch

1 pm Excursion (Permablitz, Beach, Waterfall, etc.)

5 - 6:30 pm Shower/Cleanup/Free time

6:30 pm Dinner

Each accommodation option includes tuition (all excursions, classes, and farm fresh meals) as well as access to showers, toilets, and shared community space.

We have several options, each offering a unique experience on the land, suited for varying budgets and comfort levels in the outdoors. All accommodations are located in on a beautiful retreat space, tucked away in the tropical jungle of the historic North Kohala Coast. With walking trails to waterfalls and orchards, this is truly a magical setting. 

UPDATE: At this time, only camping is available. We have filled our shared and private hale accomodations. 

2 Person "Couple" Yurt Special

At capacity


Share a yurt with a friend or loved one (book together and save $850 - compared to private yurt option)

1 Person Private Hale Special

At capacity 

Enjoy your own private yurt overlooking the Kohala coast.

Shared Hale

At capacity

Share a yurt with another immersion participant.


Still available!

Enjoy camping in our beautiful pasture in the comfort of your own tent.

Book your eco adventure today!

Kohala coast overlooking Maui

Frequently Asked Questions and Important Information:

What should I bring?

Be sure to pack for a variety of weather and working conditions. If camping, be sure to pack a tent and ground cover tarp. Other items you might want to bring are:

  • Work clothes, casual clothes, long pants and shirts that can get muddy, work boots, flashlight or headlamp, lightweight rain jacket/pants, sandals, swimwsuit, hat
  • Sandals, swimwsuit, towel, non-deet mosquito spray, bio-degradable/eco-friendly toiletries and sunscreen, reusable water bottle
  • Optional: Journal or notebook, personal yoga mat, water shoes
What will be the climate be like?

You can expect the days to be hot and sunny, in the mid-80s. It cools down at night, and there is often a good breeze. Be sure to bring some light layers to accommodate the nighttime temperatures.

What kind of diet should I expect to enjoy during the immersion?

We enjoy an abundance of macadamia nuts, oranges, bananas and avocados from the land in addition to a bounty of delicious vegetables and greens from our year-round gardens. Our locally grown starch crops include taro, breadfruit, yams, cassava, sweet potatoes and plantains. A local chef will be preparing 3 farm fresh meal a day utilizing these foods.

Other Important Information:

Please be aware that cell phone service is sparse and internet is limited.