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Farm Internship Program

E hō mai (i) ka ʻike mai luna mai ē
ʻO nā mea huna noʻeau o nā mele ē
E hō mai, e hō mai, e hō mai ē (a)

Give forth knowledge from above
Every little bit of wisdom contained in song
Give forth, give forth, oh give forth

A traditional Hawaiian chant we integrate into the program - students chant this daily as we open each day of learning and growing together.

Tropical Permaculture and Sustainable Living

HIP Agriculture invites you to participate in our 6-week internship program offering full experiential immersion in hands-on farming and community living experience.

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Envision a living community that cherishes hard work, a joyful atmosphere, dynamic activities, clear communication, and great food.

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Jenny - 2016
Anna - 2016

"I feel stronger, more confident in myself. I feel more wholesome and community oriented. I feel more honest with myself and others. I have a new standard of happiness to live up to.” - Spring 2017 Intern

"These have been some of the best weeks of my life. It has changed me for the better and I feel refreshed, revived and so much more knowledgeable. Mahalo for everything!" - Kayla, Fall 2017 Intern

Jayleen - 2016
Maggie - 2016

"THANK YOU HIP Agriculture! You have changed my life and my future in so many ways!!!"  - Molly, Fall 2017 Intern

"I loved the talking circles. I'll definitely be applying a lot of what I learned here into my daily life. I'm inspired to keep improving my health and to inspire those around me." - Fall 2017 Intern

Katie - 2016

"I enjoyed the diversity of subjects we studied. I also enjoyed that they were challenging and exciting to learn. It was all very engaging." - Fall 2017 Intern

"I feel healthier in my mind, body, and spirit. This course has made me stronger, empowered, and has equipped me with the necessary tools to enact real change within the agricultural movement." - Fall 2017 Intern

To practice and teach ecologically conscious agriculture, empowering individuals and communities to cultivate alternative systems of living that restore human and environmental health.

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