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Farm Internship Program

E hō mai (i) ka ʻike mai luna mai ē
ʻO nā mea huna noʻeau o nā mele ē
E hō mai, e hō mai, e hō mai ē (a)

Give forth knowledge from above
Every little bit of wisdom contained in song
Give forth, give forth, oh give forth

A traditional Hawaiian chant we integrate into the program - students chant this daily as we open each day of learning and growing together.

Tropical Permaculture and Sustainable Living

HIP Agriculture invites you to participate in our 6-week internship program offering full experiential immersion in hands-on farming and community living experience.

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Envision a living community that cherishes hard work, a joyful atmosphere, dynamic activities, clear communication, and great food.

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Jenny - 2016
Anna - 2016
Jayleen - 2016
Maggie - 2016
Katie - 2016

To practice and teach ecologically conscious agriculture, empowering individuals and communities to cultivate alternative systems of living that restore human and environmental health.

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