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Living Farm Internship

Tropical Permaculture and Sustainable Living

March 3rd -May 3rd 2014, Apply Today!

Other internships for 2014:  August 4th-September 30

October 6th-November 29th

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HIP Ag invites you to engage in our two-month internship program offering full experiential immersion in hands-on farming and community living experience.  Through participation in the internship program you will directly serve a farm and community centered around education, united in service and dedicated to the restoration of human and environmental health.

We are interested in hard working, self-motivated, flexible individuals with a strong desire to serve the land, the  community and themselves.  We ask that interns arrive ready and willing to participate in all aspects of the farm and community life.

DSC_0732Interns will engage in hands-on field time for an average of 30 hours per week and maintain responsibilities in areas to include but not limited to planting, harvesting, processing, garden and orchard maintenance (weeding, mulching, watering, etc.), nursery management, compost and humanure systems, dairy operations, care for chickens and ducks, food processing, meal preparation, and farmers markets.

DSC_0116We intend this offering will empower individuals with the tools and understanding to contribute as inspired and activated leaders for positive change.  Although there is no guarantee on what you will take away from this experience, we recognize that those who are most actively engaged in participation receive the greatest return.  Through in-field training, classroom sessions, and personal study, interns will have the opportunity to explore topics such as organic gardening, natural farming, plant identification, nutrition and healthy food preparation,  community living skills and group communication, village building, youth empowerment and garden education.

DSC_0007Interns will camp in our beautiful orchard with access to a community kitchen, composting toilet, and hot shower.  We enjoy an abundance of fresh garden vegetables and locally grown starch crops including taro, sweet potatoes, breadfruit, yams, cassava, and plantains. Varying by season we celebrate fresh fruits such as banana, papaya, avocado, lemons, limes, oranges, tangerines, mango, starfruit, lychee, soursop, jack fruit, rambutan, guava, passion fruit, dragon fruit and many other exotic tropical fruits.  We provide organic bulk grains, legumes, oils, spices and teas. When available we provide local milk, eggs, meat, and fish.  Our  kitchen includes a rocket stove and wood fire pizza oven.  Washing machine and wireless internet are available on a limited use schedule.

The cost of the two month internship is $1,200.

Internship Application

Lizzie, age 23

“My favorite part about HIP Ag is the simple living and eating from the land. The food is so fresh and every bite is bursting with love. Dedicating so much time and energy to the land creates a sacred space to share meals and the joy of eating from the earth. What you put in, you get back!”

Lisa, age 23

” My favorite part was harvesting the fresh ginger and turmeric and turning it into a potent healing tea. The freshness of the food here will make it hard to go back to the mainland.”

Please read the What  to Bring and Health and Safety pages as well!

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Student Farmers at Niulii farm campus

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