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HIP Agriculture is located in North Kohala on the island of Hawaii. Just a few miles outside of the small town of Kapa’au.

North Kohala is an ideal location to grow food. Our especially productive year-round growing period is made possible by ideal amounts of sun, fresh water, and rich, fertile soils. The local community has traditionally been organized around sustainable agriculture, and is well known for its historically crucial provisions of food to King Kamehameha’s army, enabling him to unite the islands under one rule.


The Kailua/Kona (KOA) airport is the closest and most accessible to HIP Agriculture at only an hour and fifteen minutes away.

HIP Agriculture staff will arrange to pick up students and interns at the Kona airport (KOA) the Thursday and Saturday before courses and internships are scheduled to begin for a fee of $20 per person. Incoming students and interns must communicate with staff via phone or email to coordinate flight information and a pick up schedule. If students wish to arrive earlier in order to explore the island a bit they must either meet back at the Kona airport for the scheduled pick up or arrange their own transportation to the HIP Agriculture campus in North Kohala.


Both Alaskan Airlines (alaskaair.com) and Hawaiian Airlines (hawaiianair.com) fly into Kona (KOA) and have helpful “low fair finder” views of their calendar featured on their website.