Life on the Farm

Fresh From the HIP Ag Farm:

Anyone need an immune boost? Brewing up Spicy Chai featuring HIP ginger, 'olena, tulsi and organic rooibos, Yerba mate, and pu'er. Just want everyone out there healthy and strong. Get it Saturday at Hawi farmers market. Contact for special order! ALOOOHAA...

Lunchtime for Piglet

Our little Marjorie is getting bigger!

Photography credit: Teresa Rosa

Busy Bees!

Fresh honey! Come get yours at the Hawi Farmer's Market.

Mahalo to our hard working bees.... buzzzzzzz...
Photography credit: Taylor Higgins

Talking story about the plants magical medicine.

Photography Credit: Briel Johnson

Through the eyes of spring intern Teresa Rosa...

Diggin' the roots, rain or shine! HIP Ag Field Coordinator Emil Kmetovic leads our newly arrived Spring Interns in ginger harvest. Feeling grateful for these abundant rains that are nourishing the land...

Photography Credit: Amberleigh Krough

This week guest teacher Dennis Sharmahd joined us on the farm for a full-day class on Botany and Plant Identification.  Thank you Dennis for a great day!

Photography Credit: Briel Johnson 

“Adventure is simply physical and emotional discomfort recollected in tranquility.” – Tim Cahill  

Today marks my one week living on the HIP Ag organic farm and being part of the community here. This is a place where you will not hear words like, “not my problem”, “who cares?” and “can’t be done.” The responses to queries, ideas, suggestions, concerns and enthusiasms are typically, “Who?” and “How?” My day begins with a sunrise wake-up to the vibrant sounds of nature, then either meditation in my hale (Hawaiian for house or home) or yoga with some of the interns, a walk to the house or the intern “Gulch” kitchen and then visiting the ducks with the two oldest children, whom energetically and hopefully search for eggs. The dogs help shepherd in ducks that have flown from the pen. We feed compost to the ducks and walk by the pond which is currently being restored. I am greeted by the residents on the farm and learn about various projects and exciting opportunities for the day. I am honored when invited to share in the Hawaiian chant to begin the day, “E Ho Mai”.