Our trip to San Diego has been super productive and fun thus far. We have been visiting with family and I have been speaking to young adults, promoting HIP Agriculture’s up coming sumer course. I have spoken to almost 200 SDSU students and 300 Point Loma High School Students about our sustainable living summer course and internship opportunities. Also got to plant some food in the garden at my mom’s house.

It is pretty amazing leaving HAwaii, a place that is so filled with food and abundance of trees and water and then entering an environment so different. There is definitely culture shock. I have grave concern for the millions of poeple totally reliant of the fossilized oil economy system for survival. Millions of peole concentrated and no food growing for thousands of miles is not food security. And the popular culture is so far away from sustainable living that there is a wide gap between where people are and where we need to be to make the evolutionary shift. We need a revolution of conscious agriculture, enlightened land stewards who are ready to care for and restore our rapidly degrading ecosystems, green warriors.