Sauerkraut: Simplicity with a Twist

Erika Kuhr, Co-Director

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I recently completed a Master Food Preserver Class, offered by UH Hilo, College of Continuing Education and Community Service (CCECS), to expand my skills and knowledge, and bring that back to my work at HIP Agriculture and the greater Kohala community.

The class was set at the new commercial kitchen at Kohala Institute's GRACE Center with 12 inspiring adult students from all walks of life and two passionate instructors. The class covered food safety, jams and jellies, preserving fruits & tomatoes, meats, pickling & fermentation, drying & freezing, and charcuterie. The best part was connecting with fellow classmates and bringing home a jar of each item we made (I was able to bring home 14 jars of goodies to share with my family).

Planting the Seeds of Health in our Local Youth

Lauren Ruotolo, Program Manager

In recent years, schools have been embracing the garden movement. If you have ever witnessed students enjoying fresh produce straight from the garden or the excitement students express when they find sprouts pop out of the ground, it is easy to understand why. That type of excitement about growing food is infectious. But the real potential of school gardens to reduce obesity, encourage a healthy lifestyle, reconnect youth with the food system, and to build healthier, more vibrant communities is something we can get excited about - tangible and impactful difference that should be a priority in all schools.

From Intern to Work Trade

Alycia Grace, Living Farm Internship Alumna

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The farm doesn’t run its self. Nor does it shut down between Living Farm Internships. The daily grind continues with the help of varying work traders. Some travelers, others alumni, a few experienced farmers, all seeking a place to eat well and lay their head at night. All for the price of their mana, Hawaiian for life force and spiritual energy. The decision to continue my time with HiP Agriculture came down to five simple reasons.

Recipe and Reflections from Erika

Food & Wellness Director
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I want to share a recipe with you that that brought me joy while cooking and that brought nourishment and pleasure to my family. Also, this recipe is great as a leftover heated up or cold on a rice cake with avocado on top.

I love eating, making and studying Indian cuisine. I love the use of spices and the versatility of the recipes, that I often use as guides, to create yummy Indian food with the crops from our farm. Good reference cookbooks are Ayurvedic Cooking for Self-healing by Vasant Lad and The Ayurvedic Cookbook by Amadea Morningstar.

Perspectives from the Permaculture Tent

By Lauren Ruotolo, Program Manager

permaculture tent webThe 7th Annual Kohala ‘Aina Festival was truly a celebration of food sovereignty through education. Besides lots of conscious music, the festival featured a Hawaiian Culture Village and Permaculture Education tent with hands-on workshops and talks run by educational and community leaders. There was even education surrounding our zero-waste efforts, thanks to Hawai‘i Green Waste, with volunteers providing guidance as to where proper compostables, recyclables and landfill rubbish went.