Our field trip program provides students the opportunity to explore Hawaii’s natural environment while learning about where our food comes from.

Students will enjoy a walking tour of our farm where they will learn about:
  • Home gardening
  • Traditional hawaiian and polynesian plants
  • Natural ecosystems and land stewardship
  • Animal care for ducks, chickens, and cows
  • Preparation of fresh, healthy and delicious foods
Hands on workshops include:
  • Planting in the nursery and the garden
  • Building compost
  • Harvesting fruit and macadamia nuts
  • Identification and propagation of traditional hawaiian and polynesian crops

Field trips are intended for students k-12, workshops and activities are flexible and can be formatted to meet the interests and learning objectives of students.

Our standard tour is 3 hours and costs $12 per student.

For more information or to arrange a tour please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 808-889-6316.  

Field Trip Curriculumn 

Field trips curriculumn are specifically geared to each age group with opportunities for hands-on learning at every level.


Students will get the exciting opportunity to explore our living farm campus where they will discover new plants, animals, and insects they may not have known were in Hawai’i. We will provide fun learning opportunities for students to develop a deeper connection with the ‘aina and an appreciation of where and how locally grown food is produced. The keiki will get to use their hands in fun learning modules that connect basic knowledge back to their roots in the garden.


A full day immersion at HIP Agriculture is a day that will be remembered by middle school students. What would it be like to live in a village and survive entirely off of the land as our ancestors did? Our team of facilitators will take students through a series of dynamic workshops that will help youth to make life-long learning connections. Hands on workshops like indigenous plant propagation, the science of soil, mathematics of selling foods and more are sure to inspire students to think more creatively about how to live in Hawaii sustainably. Together we will work the land, harvest the food, prepare a meal, and share the abundance we have created together.


High School age students will become fully engaged in our dynamic 1/2 day or full day program on what it means to be a leader in the face of a great environmental crisis. They will learn important practical life skills which include healthy eating and nutrition, food preparation, home/kitchen gardens, food security, sustainable agriculture study/apprenticeship, career opportunities, self-sufficiency and more. We are also available for multi-grade assembly presentations.

In-Class Presentations

In class presentations feature interactive action-based learning for students K-12. This multi-disciplinary approach to sustainability education provides exciting learning opportunities for students to learn more about the land where we live, the food that we eat, and the impact that our choices and actions have on our community, our environment and ourselves. HIP Ag educators will bring an interesting multimedia experience to your classroom inspiring students to think more deeply about sustainability, traditional Hawai’ian agriculture, and other relevant topics. In- class presentations can be customized to support related curriculum.


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Field Trips received an average of 5/5 stars on field trip evaluations. 

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