Immerse in a community where you will learn diverse skills in community living , communication and conscious agriculture.


We farm consciousness. Serve the farm and grow yourself.


Aloha Big Island ‘Ohana! Join us for the 9th annual


March 22nd and 23rd 2014

9am to 3pm in North Kohala

Camp Mana is a community-­‐based event in its ninth year of inspiring Island children to cultivate their innate wisdom, creativity and awareness. Camp Mana invites authentic expression and dynamic connection in a transformative environment of love and respect. Camp activities are focused on 4-­‐12 year olds, toddlers are welcome with a parent, and older youth are encouraged to serve as mentors. The cost of Camp Mana is $120 per child, scholarships are available, and we welcome contributions to ensure that all children may attend.

For more information, to enroll your child, to serve as a volunteer, or to make a donation, please contact us with Camp Mana in the subject line. We look forward to creating this year’s amazing experience of Camp Mana with you and your children!

Aloha and Mahalo!



with teacher BOBBY GRIMES

April 3rd-6th

Living Farm Internship

March 3rd - May 3rd 

internship flyer 2014 spring 3“This is huge opportunity to come to Hawaii and study community living, your relationship with the earth, and explore agriculture in a pristine environment surrounded by epic beaches, forests, gardens, and incredible food abundance. Students leave HIP agriculture with a profound realization of how to live a life of balance on the planet, becoming holistic human beings, with the potential to emerge as leaders at the forefront of a global shift to live in alignment with the earth’s precious eco-systems. The value of learning to live more sustainable, healthy lives, and gain real skills, in a time of increasing global crisis, is priceless. ” - Dashiell Kuhr, Director

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