Welcome to HIP Agriculture!

A few miles outside of Kapa’au town is HIP Ag’s main farm and headquarters. Located on 25 acres of land, where King Kamehameha once lived, is our Halawa educational farm site. The ancestral lands are rich with bamboo groves, extensive banyan tree networks, ancient Lo’i terraces and farming operations. The main house at Halawa is home to staff and family, business office, library, classroom and design space. With the nursery, milk room and main garage and bee hives in zone 1, the house space is a bustling hub of activity.

Down in the gulch is where the bulk of farming and gardening takes place. The large deep gulch is an ideal climate for living and growing a wide range of crops and animals. The farm is comprised of row cropping, nursery, orchard, rotational grazing of dairy cows and sheep, and poultry and aquaculture and beekeeping farm operations. A mature orchard of macadamia nuts, avocados, tangelos, mangoes, starfruit is one of the farms most established features. On the edge of the orchard is the Farm HQ kitchen, which is a bush-style kitchen with two vegetable and herb gardens located right outside the door. This is the hub for the Living Farm Internship program. This kitchen is used by students and interns to cook, relax, and be with community. HIP has several established forests as well as fields planted with a variety of tropical plants and trees such as: Ginger, Kalo (Taro), ‘Olena (Turmeric), Cassava, Breadfruit, Durian, Papaya, Noni, Kawa, nearly 30 varieties of bananas and more!

Other sites include an outdoor shower and composting toilet near the Farm HQ kitchen, as well as two more hot water showers up near the house, a community stage and lawn space, duck and chicken coops, and pasture for our dairy cows.

The education site is surrounded by much natural beauty. With ocean access to Hapu’u, Kapanai’a Bay and the local tide pools, there is much hiking to do from the site. There is a beautiful walk from our orchard, down a short path through ancient lo’i, mature banyan and mac nut trees, and alongside a seasonal fresh water creek to the coast.