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Halawa Campus

Halawa Campus is the headquarters of HIP Agriculture. It is set in a beautiful mature orchard producing bananas, oranges, tangelos, avocados,breadfruit, coconuts, zapotes, lychee, Kukui nut, coffee, macadamia nuts and other tropical fruits.

The ancestral lands are rich with old-growth bamboo groves, extensive banyan tree networks, and ancient Lo’i terraces. The house at Halawa serves as staff housing, classroom, office, design studio, and library. Other facilities include student kitchen, outdoor showers, community stage and outdoor classroom. 




`Iole Garden

`Iole is the site of HIP Agriculture’s GRACE Garden, a community centered demonstration garden. The garden is designed as an educational space to share knowledge, offer farm tours, and host community events.

Focused on traditional polynesian crops the GRACE Garden will provide abundant food resources and perpetuate genetic diversity. Implementing permaculture and agroforesty systems the GRACE Garden will highlight crops such as mai’a, kalo, `uala, ko, `awa, and much more!